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你好 Ni hao!My name is Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth. I teach Mandarin Chinese at Herricks Middle School in Long Island, NY. These are my photos and impressions of my first ever trip to Shanghai, China during November 1-5 2010.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopper's Paradise

Stone Chops

Silk Fans, brushes, brush pots

Children's silk pajamas

My very favorite place for shopping was the Yuyuan Shangchang 豫园商场, also known as the Yuyuan Bazaar. The buildings in this village were all in classic red Ming dynasty architecture with tiled pagoda roofs and sweeping arches. Here you could find every imaginable Chinese treasure and knickknack.... silk scarves and ties, paintings, porcelain, chops, slippers, brushes, precious jade, silk dresses, jewelry, boxed teas, etc. etc. One could conceivably spend thousands of dollars in a very short time. Fortunately by this time I was getting fairly good at bargaining (plus I did not bring that much money with me to begin with). However Lori and I had such a good time shopping here we could not resist going back a second time. 

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