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你好 Ni hao!My name is Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth. I teach Mandarin Chinese at Herricks Middle School in Long Island, NY. These are my photos and impressions of my first ever trip to Shanghai, China during November 1-5 2010.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lu Bolang Restaurant 绿波浪

On our last evening in Shanghai the principals of our partner school treated us to dinner at the splendid  绿波浪 Lu Bolang (Green Wave) restaurant located in the heart of the Yuyuan Bazaar.  This restaurant is designed like a two story Ming dynasty tea pavilion. It sits atop a lake with a bridge of nine turns leading up to the door.  The restaurant is famous not only because it is so beautiful but also because celebrities such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Castro and Queen Elizabeth have all dined here. We had a private room upstairs where you could look out and see the lake shimmering with all its dancing lights. A very memorable evening.

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